02/02/2020, World Palindrome Day and Super Bowl Sunday.

Dear Ones, I am sure that you all heard that today is world palindrome day; also obvious is that the date is the same when you read it forwards and backwards. 02/02/2020. I read it is the first Palindrome day in 909 years.

A very nice couple, Jim and Dee Dee, from Copper Mountain RV Park drove me and my pack to the Dateland Travel Center. The kind folks at the travel center agreed to keep my big backpack while I walked today. Jim dropped me one mile from the Mohawk West bound rest area where I had stopped yesterday. It was great to be able to continue walking without the big heavy backpack. My water for the journey is heavy enough! 🙂

I arrived at the Dateland Travel Center and asked if I could put my tent in their RV Park. As with many RV Parks that is not allowed so they suggested a place between the travel center and the beautiful stand of date palms.

Before I could put up my tent I hand washed all of my clothes because I did not have any clean socks left and the first rule for a distance walker is to take good care of your feet and that means clean socks! I laid all of the wet clothes out on some steps and went to set up my tent

The wind was blowing so wildly that it took everything I had to get the tent up. The ground was too hard to put in the tent stakes and that contributed to the difficulty of getting the tent up and stable. I got everything in the tent to weigh it down so it would stop blowing away just as the last bit of light disappeared into the desert darkness.

I gathered up my wet clothes and visited the laundry room at the RV Park. A kind woman gave me quarters for a dryer and after everything was dry, folded and put away I fell into my sleeping bag exhausted with the unrelenting desert winds flapping about the tent long into the night.

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