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Women pose with banner for Be the Match registryAt donor registration events, the goal is sign-up people ages 18 to 44 who are willing to donate marrow to any patient in need if they are the best match.

Attendees swab their own cheeks on the spot – which gets their genetic information into the national marrow registry, Be The Match.

Who Can Host a Drive?

Anyone interested in helping to save the life of a patient in need of a stem cell transplant can host a drive! People related to patients in need of a bone marrow transplant and their families and friends understand the urgency for expanding the number of potential bone marrow donors. We hope you will feel that urgency too!

We’ll help you organize a donor registration campaign for your community or group. All sorts of organizations host marrow donor registration drives:

  • Student groups on college campuses;
  • Employee drives at corporations
  • Creative events including fairs, weddings, and more!
  • Hold a donor recruitment party at home

By organizing a marrow registration drive, you can give tremendous hope to thousands of patients searching for a match.

How To Organize a Donor Drive

Follow these 7 easy steps:

Step 1—Select a date for your bone marrow drive

Step 2—Secure a venue for your bone marrow drive

Step 3Contact us for advice and materials

Step 4— Gather at least 3-4 volunteers for the bone marrow drive

Step 5—Arrange for at least tables and chairs to be available at the drive

Step 6 —  Advertise your bone marrow drive

Step 7—   Host your Bone Marrow Drive and help save lives


We’re Here to Help

If you are interested in organizing a donor registration event in the Inland Northwest, please contact us. We can help with everything from setting a date, finding a host location to advice on getting people to attend.

Most importantly, we can travel to your event and bring all the materials needed to register donors – swab kits, and educational materials. We’ll also train your volunteers the day of the event.

Self-Hosted Donor Drive

If you prefer a do-it-yourself drive or are out of our travel range, we can provide our “drive-in a box.” We’ll send you everything you need by mail with instructions so you can host your own marrow donor registration drive.

Am I Too Old to Donate?

People between the ages of 45 and 60 you can still join the registry online. Request a home swab kit  from Be the Match . Although older donors are usually not a doctor’s first choice, you may be the only person with the genetic match to save someone’s life.

Older donors are asked to make a $100 payment to cover the cost of tissue typing when joining Be The Match. We think saving a life is worth that much.

Registration Drive Kit Request

Send an email to that answers the following questions and we will get your kits in the mail:





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