Mon, March 2, Chandler Contacts and Education Day

Dear All, I had a short morning walk of 5.3 miles and all along the way I stopped to talk to folks about the importance of diversity on the Be The Match registry, what it means to be a potential stem cell donor and how to join Be The Match by texting LIFE to 61474. I stopped at the Chandler Regional Medical Center, the Chandler School District Office and then walked over to the U of A campus in Chandler.
The Be The Match on Campus Coordinator for Be The Match in Phoenix, Lindsey, and the Be The Match student intern, Ciara, met me at the University of Arizona, Chandler Campus. We spent the early afternoon visiting with folks in downtown Chandler about Be The Match and stem cell and bone marrow donation. We talked to the student advisor at U of A Chandler. We went to the Chandler City Hall and got information about how to submit a proposal for a stem cell/bone marrow donor awareness day proclamation. And we visited the administrative offices for the Chandler Fire Department. Again we shared information about how to join Be The Match and stem cell donation to save the lives of patients in need of a transplant.
I had a wonderful time with Lindsey and Ciara. There is always so much to learn from others. I find it really useful to listen to others talk about Be The Match and what it means to be a potential stem cell or bone marrow donor. Lindsey and Ciara are both young woman with a passion for saving lives by enrolling potential donors. They each have a unique story to share.

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