Monday Feb 24, Last Day in Tucson

Dear All, My trail angel, Stacie, dropped me off early this morning so she could drive back to the east side of Tucson to meet her crew to begin their days’ work. There was a chill in the pure desert air as I began my walk. It felt good to be out on the road as the sun was rising over the eastern mountains.
It was a simple, steady, rather uneventful day of walking. The one unusual event was my participation in a Peacemaker Circle meeting while I was on the road. The Peacemaker Circle is a project I began with a group of folks from around the world about a year ago. It is based on work that I did about 15 years ago with Bernie Glassman and the Zen Peacemakers. The meeting was to begin at 11 am. I found an old tire to sit on, kicked it to be sure that no critters were hiding in it and settled down for the meeting using the Zoom app. Shortly into the meeting I was having trouble with reception so I spent the rest of the time in the circle walking slowly across the desert sand. There was a beauty being connected with the circle participants from Europe and New Zealand as I stepped gently through the Sonoran Desert.
I walked late into the afternoon. Stacie picked me up a quarter of a mile past mile marker 222 near the base of Picacho Peak. I walked further than I had expected which meant less time with my heavy backpack tomorrow. That’s a reason to smile!
When we got back to Stacie and Doug’s house I started my laundry, showered and started packing up all of my gear so I would be ready to leave in the morning. I am so grateful to Stacie and Doug for the exceptional care they have given me in my stay here in Tucson. Having walked across America herself Stacie was able to predict my needs and provide for me even before I expressed a need. I also was very taken by all of Stacie’s stories of her walk across America.
I went to bed early and fell asleep almost instantly.