Wed, Feb 26th, Back Where I Started my journey to Tucson

Dear All, Today was a long trek in strong winds and with many obstacles to overcome. I have been on the road long enough now that my backpack, even with the extra weight of a days’ water, feels like it is part of me. In the beginning of the walk physically and psychologically the backpack felt like an extra weight hanging onto me. Perhaps it seems odd to you but after I have carried the heavy weight of the backpack for so long it feels like it is part of me, like it belongs right there on my back. That doesn’t mean that at the end of a long rough day it isn’t a relief to lower that heavy pack to the ground; it is a comfort to feel the pack resting against the hollow of my back, knowing I have what I need to survive right there.
Well, today was one of those hard days. I started out walking along the outside of the fence on the west side of the I-10. After only a mile I ran into a fence running east and west, perpendicular to my path. I walked almost a 1/2 a mile out of my way before I found a break in the fence. I walked back to the I-10 and up the off ramp to avoid having to add more mileage to my day. Most of the day I was fighting winds strong enough to blow me and my backpack off balance. There was not a clear path on the small strip of desert terrain along the interstate so I had lots of ups and downs through ditches and tos and fros going around things blocking my path. Oh, how happy I was to see the familiar Motel 6 sign raised up high in the sky at exit 200. A hot bath to ease my muscles, a warm meal to fill my belly, a cool drink to refresh my spirit and I dropped off to sleep having extended loving kindness to myself and others.
I hope you will be able to extend loving kindness and text LIFE to 61474 to find out if you are the cure for a patient in need of a perfect match for a bone marrow transplant!

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