Sat. Jan 25, Rerouting the trip

Dear All, I woke up early at the Crossroads Mission. I was able to shower, do laundry and have some breakfast and still leave by 9:30 am. I am grateful to everyone at Crossroads for giving me a safe place to sleep and letting me get cleaned up.
I walked a short distance to the La Fuentes Inn and Suites, just over 2 miles. I stopped at IHOP along the way and they gave me an egg and a pancake. I guess I was pretty hungry after yesterday’s walk.
La Fuentes Inn and Suites gave me a room for the night. Thank you so much for helping me again! Since I am back in Yuma and not in San Luis as planned I worked on my walking schedule to set the routes, starting points and stopping points for the next week of the walk. I feel refreshed and ready to begin again.
PS Thanks to In N Out Burgers for dinner

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