One more day in Winterhaven Jan 23

Dear All, The last day for Preparations before the third Steps To-Marrow walk begins tomorrow was a very busy day, lots of people to talk to and lots of walking in-between.
The most important encounter for me was with the Quechan Tribal Council Secretary, Regina Escalanti. I was pleased to learn that they were expecting me and knew about my request to begin the walk on Quechan tribal lands, at the Yuma Health Center, thanks to the preparation work of my friend Pat Healy.
Pat helped our family when Jada was in the fight of her life against Acute Myeoloid Leukemia. He was President of Bikers Fighting Cancer at the time. They helped our family with things like gas money to get to Seattle to be with Jada when she had her bone marrow transplant. If you have experienced a medical crisis and the financial distress that strikes the family along with the heartache and worry for your loved one then you will understand the tremendous gift that acts of loving kindness bring. That’s what Pat and so many others who reached out to help us brought to our family through acts of caring.
So with Pat’s help again I met with Regina. She spoke with members of the Quechan tribal council and they invited me to come to the council meeting on Thursday Jan 30th. So someone will come to pick me up along the road on Wednesday afternoon and bring me back to Winterhaven so I can attend the council meeting. Auspicious beginnings

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