Yuma, AZ Jan21

Dear All, I left Glendale, AZ this morning on a Greyhound bus and arrived in Yuma at 1:30 this afternoon. I was able to see a small part of my route between Gila Bend and Yuma from the bus window. I have been a bit worried about walking through the Sonoran Desert but having seen parts of it I feel much more comfortable about my ability to successfully and safely complete the third Steps To-Marrow walk.

After arriving in Yuma I began my search for a safe place to stay for the night. As most of my followers know I do not walk with any cash or credit cards rather I rely on the generosity of others for my food and housing every day. After asking for a room at 5 hotels the Fuentes Inn and Suites, 1513 E. 16th St., Yuma, AZ, generosity offered me a room for the night.

No request is futile. I was able to share how important it is to join Be The Match and how to join with everyone I talked with. I suggested that they share the information about joining by texting LIFE to 61474, with employees in the break room or in a newsletter, etc. Even though they were not able to help me with a room all responded enthusiastically about sharing the simple but important details about how to join Be The Match and become a potential bone marrow donor.

Thank you all for your support of the Jada Bascom Foundation’s mission of enrolling stem cell and bone marrow donors to save the lives of patients in need of a bone marrow transplant. Please do share Text LIFE to 61474 with your friends, family and co-workers and be part of our life-saving efforts!

With deep gratitude,
Jeana Moore
Jada Bascom Foundation

2 thoughts on “Yuma, AZ Jan21”

  1. Will follow your walk through your blog and offer prayers for your safety and well being. May hearts receive you and the message you bring! Love you! ❤️


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